ESPN the Magazine: Big Air

Quick: name the top 10 things the world needs. We’d bet “extreme pogo stick” doesn’t make your list. But Andy Macdonald thinks it should. The skateboard legend, who loves big air in any form, has teamed with SBI Enterprises to create the Flybar 1200, a pogo stick for adults. Mac wrecked the prototype in just 10 jumps, but today’s version withstands all manner of abuse. Equipped with BMX-type handlebars and foot pads, the Flybar employs elastomeric springs (think giant rubber bands) to create nearly 1,200 pounds of thrust, launching most riders five feet off the ground. Macdonald and pals regularly clear seven feet. “Any trick you can do on a bike—bar spins, Saran Wraps, peg rides—you can do on the Flybar,” Mac says. He’s even pulled off a back flip, although you definitely shouldn’t try that one at home. The Flybar’s price tag: $299. Lobotomy not included. -Michael Myser

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